The Missing Link to Finding Happiness

woman-with-smartphoneAre you unhappy? No worries! Thanks to the technological wonders of the 21st century, with a flick of the finger we can delve into the multitude of remedies for unhappiness. All we have to do is google any phrase related to ‘Needing Help For Unhappiness’ — and Voila! The answers are abundant!

The remedies for the problem of unhappiness are so many that it is nearly overwhelming! Anyone seriously seeking help for unhappiness will have his work cut out for him!

There is one big problem however. Most remedies for unhappiness leave out the one, essential ingredient [the ‘missing link’] needed to attain the elusive quality — happiness.

Almost all remedies for unhappiness are grounded in the belief that if we could think logically; if we could think positively about our situation and problems, then . . . through our own reason and abilities, through our own noble intentions, we could discover the key to finding happiness. The main theme for most cures for unhappiness is rooted in the idea that we can solve our own problems, if only we could find the correct formula, and the right prescription!

It is true that some remedies for unhappiness do bring a measure of hope, with a seemingly positive answer for finding ‘happiness.’ But . . .  One Thing is often not addressed!! That one missing ingredient is this fact: within the deepest part of each person, there exists an empty place — a ‘void’ space.

When we seek for ‘happiness,’ without giving any attention to this deep void, then — despite all our noble efforts at trying the remedies for unhappiness, remedies for our sense of sadness and emptiness — then our efforts will not succeed.

Addressing this one vital missing link is necessary to discovering lasting happiness!! As long as that absolutely indispensable piece of information is missing, the void remains.

An Indispensable Piece of Information

What is the missing link?

The missing link is our Creator Himself — it is Yahuwah Elohim [the Hebrew name for the LORD God of Israel], who created every person on this earth. He gives each person life and spirit, and therefore He knows all people, and He knows them intimately! (Job 12:10; Job 33:4; Isaiah 42:5; 1Kings 8:39b)

When we eliminate the LORD God from our search for happiness, then all our searchings will ultimately be elusive and futile, because the void, the emptiness deep within us, can only be satisfied by Yahuwah Himself.

How can any of us function correctly and peacefully, without knowing our Creator’s intent and design for us?

Think about this:

In order to operate any device or instruction notebookappliance, any equipment, vehicle, or instrument; for these things to operate correctly, smoothly, and at their fullest capacity, we need to refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

This is also true for human beings!

But alas. Many today are unaware of, or they reject, the Creator’s Instruction Manual, and so they by-pass the foundational instructions necessary for happiness.

Many attempt to operate themselves by their own wisdom, understanding, and wits. We have all done this! We proudly think we can manage just fine without The Instruction Manual!

This brings us back to the unending searchings that flood Google everyday — the search for the remedy to unhappiness.

But what does our Creator have to say about our searchings? His answer? Read and follow His Instruction Manual — the Bible!

It is in the written Scriptures, inspired by Yahuwah’s Holy Spirit, where we find the complete, unchanging, and original instructions that have been written for us, for finding happiness.

Through the many different authors, writing over many centuries, we see a single, unified, and consistent message woven throughout the writings within the Bible. And the Bible’s basic message is: Yahuwah created us according to an eternal design, and if we follow His instructions, things will be well with us; but if we disregard His instructions, and do whatever our own imagination wishes, then we will ultimately be miserable.

Eternity In Our Heart

The Bible tells us that Yahuwah [the LORD] gives wisdom to men (Proverbs 2:6; James 1:5). Since King Solomon was known as a man whose ‘wisdom excelled the wisdom of all’ (1Kings 4:30), let us consider a little phrase spoken by King Solomon:

God has put eternity into man’s heart…. (Ecclesiastes 3:11b ESV)

This little phrase is a clue to understanding that gnawing emptiness deep inside every person. None can escape the eternal reality that is built within us, because we were all born with it!

C. S. Lewis recognized this eternal reality in each one of us when he said: Human beings, all over the earth, have this curious idea that they ought to behave in a certain way, and they can’t really get rid of it!

We may try to ignore and deny the truth of this eternal reality — our Creator’s design within us — but we were created with an inner ‘longing’ deep within us, a longing that only our eternal Creator can fulfill!

Whether we like it or not, we are all linked to Yahuwah Elohim [the LORD God] from deep inside ourselves. And whenever we encounter our Creator’s Words of truth, His ways, and His Presence, if we are honest, our spirit responds with a powerful, resounding ‘Yes!’

We are created and born with an inner desire to know and love, and follow our Creator, Yahuwah. That is what He intended, as the Scriptures tell us. From the moment of our beginning, in our mother’s womb, we were created with a desire to follow Yahuwah and love Him: “… the people which shall be created shall praise Yahuwah [the LORD]” (Psalms 102:18b).

Within every human heart is this deep-rooted, central core yearning for the everlasting God. We will never escape what is built deep within us, because we were created that way!

So we need to quiet all the pressures outside of us, and begin to ‘feed’ on, and study, The Manufacturer’s Instruction Manuel — the Bible. Little by little we will begin to understand our Creator’s eternal design and intent for us, and we can enter into His design for our happiness.

Words of Wisdom

Let’s return to this wise man, King Solomon.

Can we learn to achieve happiness from King Solomon’s words? Yes!! Let’s see.

We recall from Proverbs 2:6 that wisdom comes from Yahuwah — so, Solomon’s words of wisdom are actually Yahuwah’s words of wisdom.

Let’s look at only three of King Solomon’s [and Yahuwah’s] words of wisdom, that give us KEY instructions for finding happiness:

1. Whoso trusts in Yahuwah [the LORD], happy is he (Proverbs 16:20b).

This is the first indispensable piece of information [part of the missing link], needed to achieve happiness — trusting in Yahuwah [the LORD]!

When we begin to trust in Yahuwah — that is, when we begin to take Him at His Word, believing His WORD, and believing His great LOVE for us, then we experience a deep knowing that we have found the core ingredient to peace-of-mind. Trusting in Yahuwah is a confident conviction that His Words are true, which we demonstrate by our simple obedience to His directions and instructions, found in all of His Word [the Bible].

Trusting in Yahuwah begins the moment we turn our heart to Him in honesty and personally receive His Son, Yahushua Messiah [Jesus Christ], as our sin-sacrifice on our behalf, receiving Him as our Saviour and High Priest (Titus 3:4-5; Hebrews 3:1). This is the moment Yahushua Messiah is ‘birthed’ within our spirit — the moment we become born-again. It is at this moment that God becomes our heavenly Father, and we become His children.

Becoming born-again is the essential ‘first step’ to trusting in Yahuwah, and thereby achieving happiness!

This is not a promise of rose petals, clear skies, and fluffy pillows! Life will continue to have problems and challenges. But once we connect with Yahuwah [our Creator] by becoming born-again, then we enter into a solid, permanent, inner contentment. We enter into a contentment with who we are as one of God’s precious children, and content with His plans and intentions, as the One who created us! That kind of peace-of-mind is what trusting in Yahuwah is all about. Therefore trusting in Yahuwah is the beginning of knowing true happiness, and goodness.

2. He that keeps the Torah [Law], happy is he (Proverbs 29:18b).

Here is the second indispensable piece of information, another part of the missing link needed to achieve happiness — keeping the Torah!

Once Yahuwah saves us from sin [being born-again], we should not remain in sin (1John 3:4), but should begin to keep and obey the ‘rules of the house’ that our loving Father has given for all His family members to live by. His ‘house rules’ are found in the Torah.

Unfortunately today, many have been given disinformation about what the Scriptures tell us regarding the Torah [Law]. The apostle Paul ‘delighted in the law [the Torah] of God,’ and so did King David (Romans 7:22; Psalms 119:77&92). Many of us need a ‘renewing of our mind’ concerning God’s Torah [often translated as the English word ‘law’].

Let’s look at the underlying Hebrew word in this verse translated as ‘law.’ That word is the Hebrew word ‘Torah.’ This word ‘torah’ simply means God’s set of teachings, instructions, and guidelines that He has given to His children — instructions that will enable them to grow in maturity and wisdom.

Many Believers today are learning that obeying Torah brings them out of a foggy misunderstanding of the New Testament, and thus brings them into a joyful understanding of Yahuwah’s heart’s desire for His children! They are learning that the Sabbath instructions, the dietary laws, the Biblical feasts instructions, and many other guidelines in the Old Testament, apply to all of Yahuwah’s children, throughout all generations!

When we begin to sincerely follow and keep God’s Torah, then we begin to understand His ‘house rules,’ and we begin to mature, gaining in understanding and wisdom. More understanding then results in a greater sense of well-being! In this way we begin to know and experience true happiness, true contentment.

3. It shall be well with them that fear God (Ecclesiastes 8:12b).

This is the third indispensable piece of information, the third part of the missing link needed to achieve happiness — fearing God.

Fearing God is not about a slave-like fear. No. It is a humble, trusting, respectful fear, as a son has for his father. God is our Father in heaven, and we are His children on earth. Therefore, we fear Him with an honourable fear, wanting to please Him because of His righteousness, His purity, His goodness, and His holiness — and, because of His great love toward us! He tells us of His loving attention: His eye is upon us at all times, and His ear is open to our cries (Psalms 3:4) (Psalms 33:18-19; Psalms 34:15; Psalms 145:18).

Our fear toward God can be seen in our desire to obey Him! When we fear Him, we begin to keep and obey His Words in the Scriptures.

King Solomon further reveals this fear of God, by explaining the essence of our fear toward God:

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. (Ecclesiastes 12:13)

Our fear toward Yahuwah is to keep His commandments! When we begin to keep His commandments, we become established in the true and enduring fear of God.

To begin keeping God’s commandments, we begin with The Ten Commandments. And as we begin our earnest obedience, we discover a happiness that is sweeter than honey, a happiness that will result in ‘Great Reward’ (see Psalms 19:7-11)!

Keeping Yahuwah’s commandments [which is to ‘Fear God’] will bring us into a greater level of understanding and peace-of-mind! Why is this true? Because we are finally fulfilling our Creator’s plans and intentions for us; we are functioning according to our Creator’s Instruction Manual! And as King Solomon says, ‘It shall be well with them that fear God!’

One More Clue to Happiness

Throughout the Scriptures, and in the above Proverbs, the Hebrew word translated ‘happy’ also has the meaning of ‘blessed.’ Looking at the Hebrew words for ‘happy’ and ‘blessed’ will give us greater insight into achieving happiness.stretched rope

One Hebrew word for “blessed” is the Hebrew word ‘esher’ (Strong’s Number 0835). This word comes from the root word ‘ashar’ (Strong’s Number 0833).

The meaning of ‘ashar’ can be illustrated as a cord that is stretched out straight.

In other words, one who is blessed and has a good, ‘happy’ life walks ‘straightly’ – as a cord stretched out straight.

Understanding the root meaning of this Hebrew word for ‘blessed‘ is a clue for us. It gives us further insight for how we might walk in a continual state of blessed-ness or happy-ness.

A blessed [happy] life belongs to those who walk out their life “straightly,” not deviating away from the prescribed path.

King David’s writings in the Psalms, gives us several insights for this walking ‘straightly.’ The Psalms reveal many clues for how to live in ‘blessed-ness’ — that is, how to live a life that is lived according to the ‘straight’ path.

Here is only one of King David’s insights into a blessed, or happy, life:

Blessed (esher) is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful. BUT, his delight is in the Torah [law] of Yahuwah [the LORD]; and in His [God’s] Torah [law], he meditates day and night. (Psalms 1:1,2)

As this passage teaches us, if we path-and-lawnlive a life that is walked out ‘straightly’ — straight as a cord that is stretched out straight — then we will be avoiding the ungodly, sinful, and scornful ways of the world. Instead, we will seek Yahuwah’s help to walk according to His straight-line Pathway, which is to live according to the Torah: God’s teachings, instructions, and guidelines.

As we delight in staying on the straight-line Pathway of the Torah [which is the WORD of God], then, by Yahuwah’s abundant mercy and His enabling grace, we will know the blessed, the happy, and even the holy, life that King Solomon recommends.

“Goodness and holiness are not only the way to happiness, but happiness itself. (See Revelation 22:14).” — Matthew Henry

Bumpy At Times

There will be ‘bumps’ in the road, as we journey through life on Yahuwah’s Pathway. There always are! because we are frail, weak, earthen vessels. And staying on Father’s straight-line Pathway is not always easy to do!

Father does not promise us ‘clear, sunny skies’ or ‘smoothly sailing’ throughout life’s journey. But He does promise to be with those, and support those, and supply those, who love Him and want to honour and obey Him (see 2Chronicles 16:9a; Psalms 9:10; 37:28; Philippians 4:19).

Just knowing that we are on our Creator’s ‘straight-line’ Pathway is the Key to peace-of-mind and well-being! This is the ‘abundant life’ that Yahushua Messiah promised to those who follow Him!

And that, Dear Reader — 1) trusting in Yahuwah Elohim [the LORD God], 2) keeping God’s commandments, and 3) fearing God — that is the ‘missing link’ to finding happiness!!!

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