How Can I Satisfy My Thirsty Soul?

nature-streamIf you are among those who are ‘Thirsty Souls,’ then you have a thirst for the pure, refreshing ‘Living Waters!’

Thirsty Souls are looking for the TRUE refreshing — the refreshing that reaches into our inner-most-being. We yearn for the pure and clean things, undefiled things.

Thirsty Souls are looking for the things that are permanently satisfying, things that do not fade away — the things that are Eternal.

Can we find these Eternal things — pure, clean, undefiled Living Waters, that satisfy our thirsty soul?

The written Scriptures [the Bible] reveal to us, as we saw in The Fountain of the Water of Life, that Yahushua Messiah is the source! He is the One who has the true, pure, refreshing ‘Living Waters.’

Yahushua Messiah [the Hebrew name for Jesus Christ] is the One who has the Words of Eternal Life (John 6:68)!

He gives us the answer! He has told us:

He [Yahushua Messiah] said … “To him who thirsts, I will give of the fountain of the Water of Life freely.” (Revelation 21:6b)

This verse teaches us that when we come to Yahushua then our thirsty souls will begin to know TRUE satisfaction by taking in the Water of LIFE.

And how do we ‘come to Him’? We acknowledge Him, we talk to Him, we begin to respect and obey Him!

Can I help the flow of Living Waters?

Because my thirst for the ‘Living Waters’ grows stronger all the time, I wonder . . . What more can I do to help the flow of His Living Waters?

Here are three ways that have been a help for me in the flowing of ‘the Water of Life‘ into my soul.

First –  Be confident in God’s love for you.

  • …Yahushua Messiah loved us, and gave Himself for us! (Galatians 2:20b)

It may seem unusual to consider this as satisfying our thirsty soul. Yet I have learned that knowing God’s remarkable love and forgiveness is a major first step to satisfying my thirsty soul.

I desire to have a steady, confident conviction that Yahuwah Elohim [the Hebrew name for the LORD God] loves me! The Bible assures me, over and over, that God loves me immensely, and is with me! And yet, at times, I struggle with this.

It is not a constant struggle. When I was first Born-Again, Yahuwah’s love for me was overwhelming! Father God revealed Himself to me personally. He gave me such a powerful revelation of Himself that I know I will never forget His presence!

  • [If you are not sure that you are Born-Again, and have not personally received the love of God’s forgiveness, please see the brief article: Good News.]

Father’s love has been revealed to me in very personal and definite ways! He is therefore, my only true source of satisfaction! And yet, at times, when I am weak and discouraged, I struggle to remain confident of His love.

I am starting to understand that being confident of Yahuwah’s love is a big help in trusting Him. Being confident of Father’s love helps me believe and obey His Words! When I’m confident of His love, my faith is strong, my joy is full, and my ‘thirsty soul’ is satisfied.

One thing that prevents us from being confident of God’s love is a deep, inner feeling of not being wanted. Some of us, in our childhood, experienced a strong fear that we were not genuinely loved. This was one of my problems that required deliverance from a spirit of rejection.

Yahuwah’s love for me was, once again, very evident after I gained the deliverance I needed. I was then able to begin to see and understand Father’s love for me in a better way. Little by little, I have matured and become confident that truly, I am accepted in the Beloved One” (Ephesians 1:6), and that His love for me is never-ending (Jeremiah 31:3)! 

  • [If you struggle with ‘rejection’, please see the links listed below.]

Father’s Unfailing Love

Each one of us must learn this: that even though at times, we can be very weak, discouraged, and unlovable, the heavenly Father’s love for us is bigger than our failings and weaknesses! In spite of everything, He continues to love us!

Let me add however, that we cannot ignore our responsibility to confess our faults to Yahuwah personally. It is important that we maintain a clean heart and an upright spirit by confessing our faults and sins in our secret prayer times.

The love of Yahuwah does not mean we can be lazy. But Father knows our frame and understands our weaknesses. He bears with our failings with tender, compassionate love and patience (Psalms 86:15-16).

Always — with His help — Father wants to help us mature, and become confident in His love! As we mature and grow more faithful in obeying His written Word, then we will be able to put away our childhood fears.

We need to be responsible and maintain our openness with Father, and always “Get Back Up!” after we fail. Crying out to Him is central to maintaining our relationship with Him, and thus knowing His grace and kindness in helping us!

With Father’s help, we can remain obedient to Him, and thus be confident of His love and strength to preserve us (1John 1:9 and Psalms 121:7).

Father gives us the Holy Spirit for the purpose of helping us in our weaknesses:

the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared, Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost… (Titus 3:4-5)

As this verse shows us, it is by the kindness and love of our Saviour Yahushua Messiah, that He washes us, renews us, and thereby grows us up! The Holy Spirit is always at work within us to help us.

We can ask Father to open our eyes that we may be able to see more clearly His abundant love and kindnesses that surround us, to see His abundant provision for us!

Furthermore, cultivating a grateful, thankful attitude is another very important way to help us recognize Father’s love for us! Acknowledging the ‘little’ wonderful mercies of God within our own personal lives by being thankful will encourage our confidence in His love for us.

“Rather than praying for my needs, I began to thank God continuously for all He had already provided. Giving thanks did more to strengthen my faith than asking for things.” — Lydia Prince

Being confident of Father’s love is the first step to satisfying our thirsty soul. In order to maintain our confidence, we must continue to maintain our relationship with Him, by seeking Him regularly through our secret prayer times, and the study/reading of His Word.

Confidence in Father’s love helps us learn to accept ourselves as we truly are – to accept how the heavenly Father sees us! He regards each one of us as His dearly beloved child! Being confident of Father’s love makes it much easier for us to be content, accept our circumstances, and to be able to love others.

Our confidence assures us ofthis very thing . . .

— that He who has begun a good work in me, will perform it until the day of Yahushua Messiah (Philippians 1:6)!

Second –  Be Humbly Sincere – Be Sincerely Humble

  • That ye may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ… (Philippians 1:10)

If we are to begin to satisfy our thirsty souls, then our next step is to develop behaviour that is humbly sincere and sincerely humble.

Sincerity and Humility — you can’t have one without the other! They are the two wheels on the ‘bicycle’ of the ‘love for the truth.’ Having a love for the truth puts us on the pathway to satisfying our thirsty soul.

As we saw in The Holy Spirit Will Guide You Into All Truth the Holy Spirit’s mission is to guide us into all truth. If we want the Holy Spirit’s guidance, then we need to cultivate a love for the truth. However, a love for the truth can only be obtained and maintained by patient humility and sincerity.

Everyone longs for and searches for the truth. This is exactly the way Yahuwah wants it! However, finding truth really begins with being honest to myself:

Behold, You [Yahuwah] desire truth in the inward parts (Psalms 51:6)

Father’s focus is the motives of our heart! That is why He desires that we speak the truth in our heart!

Honesty with myself is the first step in building humility. Dishonesty with myself needs to be recognized. It takes an inner commitment to myself and to God, to stop being dishonest within my heart.

If I am not sincere with myself or with others, then my pride will prevent me from recognizing the truth about myself and others. Insincerity only ends with my pride twisting the truth to suit my fleshly opinion of myself.

If we are a ‘Thirsty Soul’ looking for the Living Waters, then our most important character qualities need to be sincerity and humility. These qualities are vital in our relationship with Yahuwah. If we are not sincere, not genuine — if we do not really mean what we say to Abba Father — then everything else we do will be useless!

“In prayer, it is better to have a heart without words, than words without a heart.” — John Bunyan

I’m beginning to learn that being sincere and humble takes practice and courage!

Sometimes, I’m not willing to be humble or sincere because it means admitting my sin. Nevertheless, by Yahuwah’s mercy and grace, if I cry out to Him for help, He gives me victory in these areas. Father is more than willing to give me the ‘good things’ I need, especially whenever I ask His help to be sincere and humble (Matthew 7:11).

Third –  Spend time with Yahuwah in prayer.

  • Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. (Philippians 4:6)

Having a private time of prayer and reading God’s Word is another essential step to satisfying our thirsty soul. We need to give Yahuwah devoted time each day! As the above verse teaches us, in order to pray about every thing, we need to spend time with Him every day.

The morning and evening sacrifices were offered each day (Exodus 29:39 and Numbers 28:4). In that same way of a daily sacrifice, we also need to have a daily time of giving ourselves to Yahuwah.

By daily reading/studying God’s Word, and praying [in the name of His Son, Yahushua (Jesus)], we are drinking in the Living Waters, and feeding upon His Living Bread from heaven: give us, day by day, our daily bread (Luke 11:3)

Each day is an opportunity for us to present ourselves as a living sacrifice unto Yahuwah (Romans 12:1-2). This is one of the secrets to being confident of His love and His grace. Without times of seeking our Master in secret prayer, we become shallow, and our walk with Father becomes foggy. Then our thirsty soul becomes parched and dry.

Time each day with Father helps us maintain our sincerity and our obedience. Presenting ourselves to God each day strengthens us against walking in our own carnal wisdom or our own soulish desires. Time in sincere prayer helps us shed the little selfish motives that can creep into our hearts.

If we are truly honest with ourselves and with Father, then by our prayer times, we are more able to hear the guiding whispers of the Holy Spirit. Our secret prayer time helps us be more willing to allow the Holy Spirit to do His cleansing work in us, and thus be more obedient to His written Word.

But we need to purpose to down-size our activities in order to have the time needed to be with Father. Daily time with Father is the way He refreshes us, and satisfies our thirsty soul.

Let’s look at what others have said about this:

“We are richly rewarded for waiting on God day by day! I was determined to wait upon God only, and not to work an unscriptural deliverance for myself. The important point for the strengthening of our faith is that when the trial of our faith comes, we let God work for us, and do not work a deliverance of our own. Would the Believer therefore have his faith strengthened? Then he must give God time to work!” — George Mueller

“There have been so many sermons preached on prayer and so little praying resulted that I’m kind of reluctant to dwell on it. A lot of people read books on prayer rather than pray. I tell you, the people who pray are the ones who end up on top. I’ve had enough time to observe some men in ministry. I’ve sometimes wondered at the success of some of them because they didn’t seem to have the most powerful ministry, and yet they came out on top. My conclusion was; they were the men who knew how to pray. When all the dust has settled, the one who prayed stands.” — Derek Prince

“God does everything by prayer, and nothing without it.” — John Wesley’s summary of Philippians 4:6

Staying Close to God

These three tips are a very brief overview of things we can do to stay close to Yahuwah, and to satisfy our thirsty soul. We stay close to Him when:

  • we are firmly convinced that He loves us abundantly;
  • we keep our heart tender through sincerity and humility;
  • we have a regular time of open, honest prayer.

As we saw in Where Can I Find Help In My Time of Need?, it takes humility and a softness of heart to cry out with our voice and talk to the Maker of our souls, asking Him to help us! We do not have to say much. Our words do not need to be fancy. But we do need to say something to Father each day, from our hearts — something genuine. Just say what you think.

“Blessed are they who attain to genuine, unreserved communication with God.” — Francois Fenelon

Staying close to Abba Father is the secret to a victorious life. It is the secret to satisfying our thirsty soul.

Oh thank You Father, for guiding us and loving us with Your everlasting love! Help us to press on to know You, to love You, and to obey You! In Yahushua’s name, we pray.

May each one of us maintain our first love, by seeking Him regularly, and obeying His written Word, with a true and sincere heart. In this way, Father will satisfy our thirsty soul!

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Thirsty Souls are looking for the true refreshing that reaches into our inner-most-being. Thirsty Souls are looking for the things that are Eternal!
Can we find these Eternal things? — the pure ‘Living Waters‘ that are truly satisfying?

Take A Closer Look:
How Can I Satisfy
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