Give Unto Yahuwah the Glory Due His Name

For many centuries, Believers have acquired many unscriptural traditions.  One of these is the practice of changing or replacing the name of the Heavenly Father, and His beloved Son, the Messiah.  Today Father is bringing His people out of captivity, and is restoring many things, including the names of the Father and the Son.

The issue of names is very important.  I believe Father receives prayer and praise from those who genuinely call on Him, even if they do not know how to pronounce His name correctly.  Yet, Father wants His children to grow in truth and in knowledge of Him.  Learning His true name and the true name of His Son has been a growing process for me.

In these writings in this blog, when speaking in reference to the Creator, our Heavenly Father, I use the Creator’s Biblical Hebrew name, Yahuwah – pronounced ‘Yah-hu-wah’.  I do not use the traditional title ‘LORD’ in all caps, except in quoting of Scripture passages.  The title ‘LORD’ was substituted by the translators.

Moreover, the Hebrew word Elohim (which means ‘Mighty One’) is often translated in Scripture as the word ‘God.’  At times, I will use the Biblical word Elohim instead of the word ‘God,’ since Elohim more accurately describes the Mighty One of Israel.

The actual name of the Creator, Yahuwah, is used in the written Hebrew Scriptures around 7,000 times.

May it be that all of us, will regard the holy name of the Creator with the same reverence as the men whom Father used to pen the Scriptures. These men regarded Father’s name with great honour and adoration: “Holy and Reverend is His Name” (Psalms 111:9b  and  Exodus 20:7).

When speaking in reference to the Messiah, I use His given Biblical Hebrew name, Yahushua.  The commonly known, Greek name ‘Jesus’ was never His Hebrew name.  I do not use the Greek name ‘Jesus,’  except in quoting of Scripture passages.

When a Hebrew mother gives birth to her baby, the child is not given a Greek name, but a Hebrew name.  Furthermore, the actual name of the Messiah is prophesied throughout the Hebrew Old Testament writings as being Yahushua, meaning “Yah is Salvation.” 

This Hebrew name, Yahushua, appears as the Greek name  ‘Iesus’  in the 1611 KJV Bible, and in the Greek manuscripts. But it was changed by the translators to  ‘Jesus’  in the newer versions of the KJV, and in subsequent modern versions.

Moses said:  Because I will publish the name of YAHUWAH: ascribe ye greatness unto our Elohim.  (Deut 32:3)

King David said:  Give unto YAHUWAH the glory due unto his name; worship YAHUWAH in the beauty of holiness.  (Psalms 29:2)

For further insight into Father’s Biblical name and Messiah’s Biblical name, see the following articles:

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