Blessings and Shalom to you!

By the Heavenly Father’s mercy and grace, I am a disciple — a learner and follower of Yahushua the Messiah.

My passion is teaching the basics — the basics of God’s Ways to ‘Thirsty Souls!’

I am a work-in-progress as I am learning God’s Ways and Love. I am on a journey through life, stumbling many times, but always seeking to get up and learn more of Father’s loving ways.

I am also a mother, and as a ‘mother in Israel’, my hope is to bring encouragement to ‘Thirsty Souls’ — those who are seeking God’s Ways, and those needing some understanding in their journey through life.

All of us, at various times, need a mother’s input. May all of us be tender-hearted, willing to receive instruction — able to receive the insights of a mother! (see Proverbs 1:8; Proverbs 6:20; Proverbs 30:17; Exodus 20:12)

My husband is a strong and faithful Believer in Messiah. We have been walking together with Yahuwah Elohim [the LORD God] for more than thirty-nine years, from the beginning of our first and only marriage. We home-schooled (K-12) our two children, who now have families of their own.

I believe the Scriptures that tell us the wife is to honour her husband as her head (her authority), as well as cover her glory (her hair) (1Corinthians 11:2-15; Isaiah 4:5a). I thank Yahuwah for giving me a husband who is worthy of all my efforts to honour him.

Although this blog is technically ‘my’ blog, I could not do it without my husband’s input and insight on Scriptural matters and on technical matters. It is a comfort to me that my husband looks over my shoulder regarding the articles. If he sees something that is ‘not quite right,’ then we seek Father together, for further insight and understanding.

Thank you for your visit. May you find refreshing ‘cold waters’ here, as I share insights and lessons (learned the hard way!), sharing Good News from a ‘distant land’ — from the Father’s Heavenly Kingdom.


P.S. For more details of our, and my, testimony, see:
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For encouragement regarding the woman’s headcovering, see:
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“The Word of God is as a straight edge, which reveals our own crookedness. We cannot really tell how crooked our thinking is until we line it up with the straight edge of Scripture.”
— Elisabeth Elliot

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Are you satisfied? Or do you want to go further? If you would like to go further, then begin to understand and obey the 2nd Commandment.

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A Whole Heart:
What does it mean to seek God with a whole heart? When we seek for something with a ‘whole heart’, we are searching with great desire, focus, diligence, and even with a measure of passion and agony! Are we willing to put aside all other things in order to gain the supremely wonderful fellowship and friendship of Messiah?

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"Eat the meat, and spit out the bones."
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