The Sabbath Day – An Appointment With The King

In the natural world, a ruler or king invites his trusted subjects to meet with him on special occasions, and to enter into his presence. On these special occasions the king will have essential communication and close fellowship with those who choose to accept the invitation and draw near to the king.

In the spiritual realm, Yahuwah Elohim [the Hebrew name for the LORD God], the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, has done likewise. He has invited all of His covenant people to meet with Him on special occasions, and to enter into His presence.

Let us say that you receive an invitation from the King, who knows you very well. The invitation itself is very formal, printed on very fine paper, with very elegant script.
The envelope is sealed with the King’s signet, which makes the invitation even more important. This is a personal invitation to you, from the King!
The invitation requires your presence at a certain time, and for a specific amount of time. The invitation also requests formal attire.
Your excitement is immense! Yet you wonder, “How has it happened that I am invited to such an important and formal occasion?”
Answer: Because The King loves you — and He desires your presence at all of His special occasions!

The King of Kings desires to have important communication and close fellowship with all who choose to attend His special occasions and appointed times.

One of His ‘special occasions’ is His Sabbath Day, on the seventh day of each week!

Yahuwah [the LORD] has set apart the seventh day of each week as His day of rest, and as one of His ‘appointed times‘ – an appointment to meet with His people. He established and appointed the seventh day of the week to be in a special position in the weekly progression of days.

From Scripture we see that the Sabbath day is not just any one day in seven, but is a specific day each week that is to be holy (‘set-apart’) unto Yahuwah Elohim. The Sabbath Day is the appointed time each week to meet with Yahuwah, the Creator of the Universe. It is considered by many as The Most Holy Day of all of Yahuwah’s Sabbaths and Feast Days, because it is the FIRST day mentioned in the Scriptures as being set-apart (‘holy’).

Each week, our heavenly Father invites us to enter into His day of rest with Him. He greatly desires His children to come and be with Him on His day, to come and ‘remember to keep’ this very special appointment — His weekly Sabbath Day:

Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy. 9) Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: 10) but the seventh day is the Sabbath of Yahuwah Elohim [the LORD thy God]: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: 11) for in six days Yahuwah [the LORD] made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore Yahuwah [the LORD] blessed the Sabbath Day, and hallowed it (made it holy). (Exodus 20:8-11)

In the above passage, we see that Father’s weekly Sabbath day [‘Shabbat’ in Hebrew] is not on the sixth day of the week, nor on the first day of the week. It is on the seventh day of the week, on what is popularly called ‘Saturday.’

Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday evening, and lasts until sunset on Saturday evening. It is a set-apart (‘holy’) day, because it has been set-apart by the Creator Himself! It is the day in which Yahuwah tells us to cease from our work, and enter into His rest.

Just as Yahuwah, our Creator, rested on the seventh day after creating the heavens and the earth, so also Father God desires that we would choose, of our own free will, to enter into His rest on this special, holy seventh day of the week (Genesis 2:1-3; Hebrews 4:9-11).

Father God appointed the seventh-day Sabbath Day as a day of rest and refreshment for His people (Exodus 31:16-17). There are many blessings and much refreshment for those who choose to obey Yahuwah’s instructions to keep His Sabbath Day holy.

Those who love the heavenly Father and want to please Him are those who choose to obey His commandments (John 14:21; John 14:15). When we begin to observe Father’s Sabbath days, we discover that keeping His seventh-day Sabbath Day (according to His Biblical instructions), is truly a delight, and is also a doorway to growing closer to Him!

Scripture also reveals that keeping the seventh-day Sabbath is an essential ingredient for learning about Yahuwah Elohim, and coming to know our Mighty One, the King of the Universe.

How Do We Keep The Sabbath Day Holy?

How can we make this very special Sabbath Day a holy, ‘set-apart’ day unto Yahuwah? What shall we do? How do we become obedient to keep this special day as holy?

Yahuwah tells us what to do in the Scriptures. He tells us in detail what He expects of us:

1. We shall Remember [not forget!] to observe the weekly seventh-day Sabbath each week, and we shall rest on the Sabbath Day, just as Yahuwah did when He made the Heavens and the Earth – Exodus 20:8,11
2. We shall Keep and guard and protect the weekly Sabbath Day as a very special, holy, set-apart day, and we shall not do any work on the Sabbath Day – Exodus 20:10 and Deuteronomy 5:12
3. We shall Not profane or pollute the weekly Sabbath Day by doing any of our work or domestic chores, whether inside the home or outside the home. Instead, we shall make sure we have completed our work and chores for the week, and we will not do anything on the Sabbath Day that displeases Yahuwah – Isaiah 56:2
4. We shall Not profane or pollute the weekly Sabbath Day by buying or selling anything on the Sabbath Day, or by requiring others such as restaurant workers, to serve us. Instead, we shall refrain from any buying or selling on the Sabbath Day – Nehemiah 10:31; Nehemiah 13:15-18; Exodus 20:10
5. We shall Prepare for the weekly Sabbath Day on Fridays [the Preparation Day], by preparing our meals for the Sabbath Day on Fridays, so that we will not do any cooking on the Sabbath Day (which begins at sunset Friday evening), and we will not kindle a fire on the Sabbath Day – Exodus 16:5, 23; Exodus 35:3; Mark 15:42
6. We shall Call the weekly Sabbath Day a delight, the holy (day) of Yahuwah – Isaiah 58:13
7. We shall Honour Yahuwah on the weekly Sabbath Day by not doing our own ways, nor finding our own pleasure, nor speaking our own words, but we shall honour Yahuwah by learning His ways, and by finding His pleasure, and by speaking His Words – Isaiah 58:12
8. We shall Exhibit our love for Yahuwah and His Son Yahushua Messiah [Jesus Christ] by gladly choosing to keep and obey His Commandments, which includes this ‘Fourth Commandment’ of keeping the seventh day of each week as the holy day of rest – John 14:15, 21; Hebrews 4:9

Yahuwah’s Sabbaths

The passages in Exodus, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Leviticus 23, and many others, tell us we are to hallow [‘set-apart as special’] Yahuwah’s Sabbaths (plural). When we study God’s Word, especially Leviticus 23, we discover that there are several Sabbath Days throughout the year. The yearly ‘High’ Sabbath Days, as they are known, are specific, appointed times that happen in the spring and in the autumn. The ‘High’ Sabbaths are the appointed “Feasts of Yahuwah” [moedim in Hebrew] and they occur annually, on specific days according to the Biblical calendar.

Yahuwah calls the Sabbath Days “My Sabbaths” as we see in many verses, as Exodus 31:13; Leviticus 19:3,30; Leviticus 23; Leviticus 26:2; and Ezekiel 20. They are to be observed “throughout their generations, for a perpetual [everlasting, never-ending] covenant” (Exodus 31:16).

The weekly Sabbath and the High Sabbaths are for both Gentile Believers and Jewish Believers to keep (Isaiah 56:6-7). They are not ‘Jewish’ sabbaths. They are not some religious group’s sabbaths. Yahuwah refers to His Sabbath days as “MY” Sabbaths (Exodus 31:12-13; Leviticus 19:3).

Yahuwah tells us that those who keep His Sabbath Days are those who know Him, and who love Him. (Ezekiel 20:12,19-20 see also John 14:15,21).

A SIGN Between Yahuwah And His People

And Yahuwah [the LORD] spoke unto Moses, saying, speak also unto the children of Israel, saying, Truly you shall keep My sabbaths. For it is a SIGN between Me and you throughout your generations, to know that I am Yahuwah [the LORD] who sanctifies you. (Exodus 31:12-13)

Moreover also I gave them My sabbaths, to be a SIGN between Me and them, that they might know that I am Yahuwah [the LORD] that sanctifies them…. 19) I am Yahuwah Elohim [the LORD your God]; walk in My statutes, and keep My judgments, and do them; 20) and keep My sabbaths holy; and they shall be a SIGN between Me and you, that you may know that I am Yahuwah Elohim [the LORD your God]. (Ezekiel 20:12,19-20)

As the above Scriptures reveal, the keeping of Yahuwah’s Biblical Sabbath Days, which includes the seventh-day Sabbath, is a SIGN. Yahuwah gave us His Sabbath Days as a sign between Him and His people. Our voluntary obedience to this particular ‘Fourth Commandment’ becomes the SIGN or banner of those who know Him and who love Him (John 14:15,21)!

A SIGN is a very significant thing! Signs communicate important information! We use signs for many reasons. Some signs are extremely essential and can mean the difference between life and death!

When we “hallow” or set-apart as special (holy) Yahuwah’s Sabbath Days, then we are entering into an important and essential communication with Him. It is a vital way that we establish and acknowledge His ‘ownership’ of us – that we belong to Yahuwah, our Creator, and not to some other master. Thus observing the seventh-day Sabbath is a sign, not only for our benefit, but also to show honour to our great Creator. We keep the Sabbath Day holy as a treasure, as a trust, and as a memorial. It is a sign of a memorial, and a sign of imitating our Creator, to preserve as holy the seventh day of rest after six days of labour.

It is clear from the Scriptures that Yahuwah’s Sabbath Days are not optional, and they are not open for alteration. His special seventh-day Sabbath Day is not open to our own personal choice, as if to choose any ‘one-day-in-seven.’ Yahuwah has not given us that option. Instead, the Scriptures reveal that the weekly Sabbath day is a specific day of the week, and we should not add anything unto Father’s Word, neither diminish anything from it (see Deuteronomy 4:2; Exodus 16:27-28; Numbers 15:32-36).

Nowhere has it been written in the holy Scriptures that Yahuwah’s Sabbaths have been changed, altered, or ‘done away with.’

Walk As He Walked

Keeping the Sabbath Day is all about wanting to walk as Messiah walked:

He that saith he abideth [remains] in Him ought himself also so to walk, even as He walked. (1John 2:6)

If we want to know whether Yahushua Messiah [the Hebrew name for Jesus Christ] is abiding (remaining) in us, the apostle John tells us how we will know: we will “walk, even as He walked”. If Yahushua is abiding, remaining, in us, then we will be doing what He did, and avoiding what He avoided.

And what did Yahushua do?

First of all, He did not do His own will, but He did the Father’s will (John 6:38).

Here is a short list of some things Yahushua did by which we might examine ourselves:

  • He was immersed [‘baptised’] in water (Matthew 3:16)
  • He was filled with the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:1)
  • He was led by the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:1)
  • He showed His love for His Father, by keeping His Father’s commandments (John 15:10)
  • He kept [observe, guard, preserve; to ‘watch’] His Father’s Sabbath Days (Mark 13:37, 14:14; Luke 4:16)
  • He observed His Father’s ‘true’ Passover (Luke 22:11; John 18:28)
  • He kept His Father’s Feast Days (Luke 4:16; John 7:10)

In order to allow ‘Messiah-in-us’ to produce good fruit [fruit that remains and does not wither], we must learn to  “walk as He walked.”

To allow Messiah to live in us and do the things He did, we must first come out, and forsake any man-made doctrines and ‘commandments of men’ that we have been taught. Sadly, many have been taught twisted understandings of Scriptural truths that are un-Scriptural doctrines. These man-made doctrines have shaped our behaviour and actions. Man-made doctrines train us to disobey Scripture and thus prevent ‘Messiah-in-us’ from obedience to the Scriptures! This is especially true regarding this Fourth Commandment!

One of the main reasons Yahuwah did not allow an entire generation of Israelites [except for two, Joshua and Caleb] to enter into the Promised Land, was because they polluted Yahuwah’s Sabbaths (Ezekiel 20:23-24).

We need to examine ourselves to see if we have become entrapped to the subtle, ‘spiritual mixtures‘ of the enemy. We need to begin seeking and following our Saviour according to His Word, not according to traditional, man-made teachings. Let us follow Yahushua, even ‘outside the camp’ of our familiar comfort zones; ‘outside the camp’ of man-made traditions and doctrines of men (Hebrews 13:13). May we truly begin to shed religious bondages to un-Scriptural thinking and practices.

Fulness of Joy

Our obedience to the Fourth Commandment, by keeping the seventh-day Sabbath Day, is the secret to a continual increase in our understanding of Father’s Word! It is also the doorway to finding the riches of the wisdom of Yahuwah (Romans 11:33). When we observe the seventh-day Sabbath Day as a holy day, we discover a great joy in following our Saviour’s example of obedience to His commandments (Psalms 16:11).

May we always remember that it is important to our heavenly Father that we gladly keep His Sabbath Day holy, to set it apart as special! Let us seek diligently to keep and protect our observance of Yahuwah’s Sabbath Day.

Let us remember, that our observance of His Sabbath Day is a sign between Yahuwah and His people. It is the sign that we know Him!

Let us follow Him by accepting His invitation. Let us keep our appointment with Him.

Let us always remember to observe the very special, seventh-day Sabbath Day!

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