His Word – Higher Than the Heavens


From what we see in the night sky, the heavens appear to be an infinite expanse. Our planet is as a small grain of sand in our galaxy. Our galaxy, one among many billions of other galaxies, is just a tiny speck in an immensely expanding universe. The height of the heavens is beyond our finite ability to comprehend.

The infinite height and expanse of the heavens, is a picture of the great height and expanse of the Word of God [the Bible]. God’s Words, and His Ways, are far, far above man’s thoughts and ways!

The Spirit of Yahuwah Elohim [the LORD God] has revealed to us that His ways and thoughts are immensely higher than human ways and thoughts, “as the heavens are higher than the earth” (Isaiah 55:8-9).


Yahuwah even tells us that He has to lower Himself to look down from the heavens, to behold the things of the earth. This fact alone should be reason enough for us to acknowledge the greatness of God, and the smallness of us human beings. [1]

Since the Scriptures are completely inspired by Yahuwah, the Creator of the universe, then the thoughts revealed within the Scriptures are superior to our own human understanding (2Tim 3:16). When we are of a humble heart, then we will accept the supremacy of Yahuwah’s wisdom [the Bible], as greater and higher than our own wisdom. The humble are honest and realistic about Who Yahuwah is, and about who we are.

Humble, honest souls are of a noble character! They receive God’s Word “with all eagerness,” searching the Words of the Bible for themselves. The humble discover that the truth of God’s Word speaks firmly to them, deep within their spirit. They then experience a profound freedom, as they begin to walk in Yahuwah’s Ways, in obedience to His Word. [2]

But oh, let us be careful to avoid a prideful heart! A prideful heart rises up to claim that human wisdom and reasoning surpasses the wisdom found in the Word of God. The proud foolishly argue against the Creator, to their own hurt. Having an exaggerated sense of their own self-importance, the proud and hard-hearted refuse to yield to Yahuwah’s Words. They choose instead to walk in the imagination of their own heart. Their wisdom is eventually revealed as being earthly and soulish, and in the end, demonic. [3]

Let us earnestly desire to be humble and honest about our own limited understanding and wisdom. The humble will recognize the rich value of the Word of Yahuwah, because they accept the limits of their human understanding, and rely on Yahuwah’s Word for understanding.

Those of a humble and contrite spirit will acknowledge their own frail and prideful tendencies. They receive Yahuwah’s remedy for their sinful ways, knowing it is in their best interest to do so. They understand that Yahuwah, out of His abundant love and great mercy, has given us His Word to guide us. His Word is a shining light for our path, helping us to know the best way to live our daily lives.

But we must be careful with the little bit of understanding we do have.

Our little, pea-sized brains are as nothing, compared to Yahuwah’s greatness and His wisdom! It is complete foolishness to insist that our own wisdom and understanding is greater than that of our Creator. Those who refuse the authority of God’s Word, place themselves in dangerous territory. To rely solely on human understanding makes our ‘own’ understanding into our own fabricated ‘god.’ Such thinking is idolatrous!

How could any one of us, as human beings, say, “I know Better than my Creator!”?

What?? “I know better than” Yahuwah Elohim, Creator of ALL things?!? Ha! What fool would say this?

The humble tremble at such arrogance! The humble know the truth of Isaiah’s words: Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! (Isaiah 45:9)

Thankful and Respectful

Humble souls are immensely thankful that the infinite, all-knowing Creator has stooped down from the heavens to offer His Words to us, and reveal to us the wisdom we need to live a blessed life. God’s Word reveals His eternal Ways so that we can avoid a miserable life. Honest, patient, humble souls seek to yield their own pint-sized, human understanding to the remarkable wisdom of Yahuwah’s Words. [4]

The humble begin the day-by-day process of re-adjusting their thoughts, speech, and activities — their very lifestyle — in order to obey Father’s Word, in the small ways and in the big ways. They look to the Heavenly Father daily, asking His help to transform and renew their mind. Father’s presence [His Holy Spirit] begins to reveal to them what is good, acceptable, and even perfect, in God’s sight (Romans 12:1,2).

Those who are humble earnestly desire to receive and obey the life-changing Words of the Bible — God’s loving message sent down from heaven. The humble will respectfully bow before their Creator in anticipation of that soon-coming day, when every knee shall bow before Yahuwah Elohim, our Maker.

Thus saith Yahuwah,
Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool….
my hand hath made all things… and to this one will I look,
even to him that is humble, of a contrite spirit,
and trembleth at my Word.”
Isaiah 66:1,2

Oh the extravagant mercy of Yahuwah to give us His amazing Word!!! His mercy is great, even unto the heavens (Psalms 57:10)!

May His Holy Spirit touch our hearts and make us to be of a humble and contrite spirit, so that we may learn to be a DO-er of His awesome, brilliant, and far-reaching Word.

May we truly be of a humble heart, and be thankful for Yahuwah’s profound wisdom from above — the wisdom that is higher than the heavens!

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  1. Psa 33:13-14; 102:19; 113:5-6; Psa 8:3-4
  2. Acts 17:11; Psa 119:32,45
  3. Isa 45:9; Jer 13:10; James 3:15
  4. Deut 4:5,6; 30:15-20

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2 comments on “His Word – Higher Than the Heavens
  1. K. Gallagher says:

    Amen!~ Always praying for humility, but especially at this season of introspection. This is a great article to contemplate during the Days of Awe. Arrogance (pride) certainly is the antithesis to godly wisdom. And we all fall prey to its call at some point. Which is ridiculous considering the vastness of the Creator’s universe (love that analogy to see how small we really are). May we become a people that can discern the difference. :) Great post!


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