His Word – More Desirable Than Gold


Gold is a very valuable, highly sought-after precious metal. It is a well-known fact that gold is extremely prized for its brilliance and value, and its resistance to corrosion. Gold is an intensely desirable treasure, and is sought after by many throughout the world. These characteristics of gold also describe the characteristics of the Word of Yahuwah Elohim [the LORD God]. The Word of Yahuwah [the Bible] is as fine gold. God’s Words are a valuable and precious treasure of profound and timeless wisdom.

For example, the prophet Job said that God’s wisdom is more valuable than gold, and King David declared Yahuwah’s Words to be better than thousands of gold. These men were discerning of what a true treasure is! God had given to them a revelation of the beauty and purity of the Word of God, and they learned that God’s Word is to be desired far more than fine gold. These men were eager for heaven’s eternal and glorious rewards, so they concentrated on gathering the immense treasures of God’s Word. [1]

Yahuwah urges us all to seek His Word as seeking for “hidden treasures.” It is the wise-hearted among us, who will go to great effort to store up the enduring, incorruptible treasure of God’s Word. It is the wise and humble who recognize the priceless value of this treasure’s reward — everlasting life! [2]

Those who seek and find the treasures of God’s Word, are those who keep their eyes on the unseen, eternal realm — Father’s heavenly kingdom. Their minds are fixed on the things above, where Messiah is seated at His Father’s right hand. They delight in possessing the greatest of Father’s treasures — the wisdom, knowledge, and hope that is hidden within His Son, Yahushua Messiah [Jesus Christ]. [3]

The spiritually-minded are rich in good works — that is, in actions of obeying and honouring God’s Word, including the Torah. They follow after the precious jewels of “righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, and meekness.” They desire to speak words of wisdom and knowledge, and bring a blessing and enrichment to anyone who is genuinely searching for the true, everlasting treasures. [4]

But the worldly-minded seek after earthly, temporary treasures, and set their heart on worldly pleasures. They lust for tantalizing things that delight their senses. They take pride in their imagined superiority, trusting in their riches to gain them peace and security. [5]

The worldly-minded see no value in storing up God’s Word in their heart. They busy themselves with gathering earthly wealth and pleasures, coveting things that ultimately bring them sorrow. They love the things of this world, unaware of its many foolish and hurtful desires. Blinded to the devil’s traps of greed, the worldly-minded, in the end, will be enslaved to fears, envy, and strife (1Tim 6:3-10).

But the wise-hearted are content to “set their affections on the things above.” They find great peace in heavenly treasures, and learn that godliness is a great gain! The wise and humble love Father’s commandments more than fine gold. They seek to store the riches of His Word in their heart, and to walk in obedience to Him. The wise-hearted adorn themselves with the precious ornament of a gentle and quiet spirit. By Yahuwah’s wisdom, they wear the necklace of grace, mercy, and truth around their neck. [6]

The sparkle of gold and silver mean nothing to the spiritually-minded. They know that silver and gold will not deliver them in the day of Yahuwah’s wrath. Instead, they greatly treasure and value their faith, which is much more precious than gold!! The wise and discerning learn that as their faith is tried, or tested, Father will help them and preserve them through the fires of testing. Like the prophet Job, they seek to come through the testings as gold! [7]

The wise-hearted cherish the wisdom of Yahuwah more than rubies. They receive Father’s loving instructions and knowledge rather than silver and gold, holding tightly to one of their most valuable treasures — the fear of Yahuwah. [8]

The wise-hearted earnestly desire to obtain the eternal riches revealed in the Words of the Bible. They yearn to possess the eternal wealth of Yahuwah’s forgiveness and everlasting life. They diligently press onward, searching for the prize of the high calling of God, in Messiah Yahushua (Philippians 3:8-14).

Every word of God is pure:
He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him.
Yahuwah’s Torah is worth more to me
than thousands of gold and silver.
Prov 30:5; Psa 119:72

By Father’s great grace, may each one of us be among those who are counted as precious and worthy of the kingdom of God. May we always cherish and store up Father’s Words — His priceless and timeless wisdom, that is better, and more desirable, than gold.

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