His Word – Like Sweet Honey


Honey is a very sweet and desirable food source made by honey bees. The honey bee takes nectar from flowers, and converts the nectar into sweet honey. This is also characteristic of the Word of Yahuwah Elohim [the Hebrew name for the LORD God] — when we take God’s written Word into our heart, it becomes a sweet and desirable source of nourishment for the hungry soul.

King David urges us to ‘taste’ Yahuwah’s Word! If we do, we will know for certain that Yahuwah is good! (Psalms 34:4-8)

If we take in God’s Word by ‘tasting it’ — that is, if we will deliberately DO it, then we will find the taste of it [the doing of it] is sweeter than honey! Doing God’s written Word [the Bible] brings a sweetness, a joy into our lives that is beyond our natural understanding. Why is this so? Because when we are doing what God created us to do, walking in His ways, our inner-most-being has a deep and confident satisfaction. [1]

Yahuwah compares His Word to honey, evensweeter than honey (Psalms 19:7-11). Yahuwah knows that everyone likes to eat sweet foods, so He tells us that being a DO-er of His written Word will satisfy our spiritual hunger for pure sweetness, goodness, and truth.

Honey is delightfully sweet! The sweetness of honey gives us an enjoyment that we desire again and again. But to taste honey, one has to take it into the mouth. The honey has to become an internal part of us before we can know its sweetness.

God’s Word is like this too. When we make Yahuwah’s written Word a personal, intimate part of us by doing it [tasting it], only then will we discover the sweet goodness of His Word. Those who will not ‘taste’ His Word, will not come into the sweet enlightenment of God’s eternal truth.

Those who refuse to taste [do] God’s Word are not hungry. Their belly is full of worldly enticements, and therefore they reject Yahuwah and His sweet Words. They are smug, self-satisfied scoffers. They regard God’s Word as bitter. Their self-complacency robs them of any hunger for truth. Only the fleshly, carnal nature considers God’s Word to be bitter. [2]

The truly hungry however, know Yahuwah’s Word is sweet, no matter how bitter it may seem! They seek Father’s grace and mercy to help them put off selfish, carnal ways, so they can maintain their hunger for God’s Word. They desire to remain teachable, taking in Father’s written Word every day.

Truly hungry souls trust Yahuwah’s written Word, apply it to their life [tasting it], again and again. They begin to experience the Holy Spirit’s power to dissolve any bitterness, unforgiveness, or selfishness.

Doing the Word of God cleanses the hungry soul. At the same time, it fills the hungry with a heavenly sweetness. Father’s Word inspires hungry souls to share the Word with others, encouraging others to ‘Taste this!! You will know God’s goodness!’

The hungry soul gratefully feeds on Yahuwah’s Word daily, and gladly shares Father’s Word with others. Just as we experience a natural satisfaction after sharing a good, hearty meal with others, so also, the doing of Yahuwah’s Word completely satisfies us on every level — spirit, soul, and body. [3]

Honey gives us the energy we need. The same is true of doing God’s Word — it restores and energizes us. Those who ‘taste’ [do/obey] even one verse of the Bible, will discover what the prophet Jeremiah knew — God’s Word is the joy and rejoicing of my heart! (Jeremiah 15:16)

In many different ways, King David also declared God’s Word to be delightful to him:

I delight to DO Your will, O my God: yea, Your Torah is within my heart.
Psalms 40:8 (see also Psalms 119)

The tasting [the doing] of Yahuwah’s written Word gives hungry souls what they are hungering for, what they yearn for — God’s truth, wisdom, understanding, satisfaction, and fruitfulness!

May each one of be as King David! He sought Yahuwah, tasted His Words, and found God’s Words to be sweet, pure, fresh, and altogether good — just like honey!


  1. Psalms 5:11,12; 119:103; John 6:27-58
  2. Proverbs 30:9; 27:7; 2Thess 2:10
  3. 1Thess 5:23; John 6:47-51; Psalms 107:9

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