Faithful in Little Things

One who is faithful in a little thing is faithful also in much!

Faithfulness in little things is an admirable quality. Many of us would like to be more faithful in the little things.

sparrow-ongroundFaithfulness is a necessary quality of Messiah’s Bride-Candidates.

Bride-Candidates are Believers in Yahushua Messiah [Jesus Christ] who desire to be among the Wise Virgins. The Bride-Candidates’ attractiveness and beauty is seen in their faithfulness to the very little things of Yahuwah’s Word. This is an important feature in identifying who the Bride-Candidates are.

Yahushua exhorts His disciples to be faithful in the little, seemingly ‘unimportant’ things:

He that is faithful in that which is least [the little things] is faithful also in much [the greater things]: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. (Luke 16:10)

Faithfulness in the greater and important things, begins with our being faithful in the small matters, the very little things. Our faithfulness in the little things is reflected in how we handle the many small, personal matters of life, as well as how we treat others in seemingly small matters.

Our growth in faithfulness begins, when we begin to be faithful in those things we might consider least important. We might even say that the doorway or entrance to faithfulness in great and important matters, is our willingness to be faithful in the least of matters.

As Derek Prince used to say: “The small things are just as great as the great things!”

The way we handle little things is very revealing! A particular feature of little things is that they reveal a great deal about our character. Our attention to little things, or our neglect of little things, both reveal what is good about our character, or what is lacking in our character.

More often than we would like to admit is the fact that our manner of handling the little things reveals the inclination of our character, whether it be good or bad! What we do and what we say regarding the little things, can uncover deep-rooted tendencies.

The way we attend to little things reveals either a leaning toward honour and respect for Yahuwah [the LORD], His glory, and His people, or a leaning toward worldly conformity, dishonesty, pride, and self-importance.

The way we manage the little things reveals our true character and our motives. Our attention to the little things exposes our true commitment and faithfulness to becoming a ‘DOer’ of Yah’s Word, or our lack of commitment thereof.

The Quality of Our Character

Abba Father is much more interested in our character than in our intellect, our talents, or our abilities. Why is this? Because it is our character that will continue with us into eternity.

Our attention to what may ‘seem’ to be a small or insignificant thing is an indicator of the quality of our character. The quality of our character is seen in how we maintain faithfulness, integrity, and  trustworthiness.

Character is what integrity is all about!

If we are a person of integrity, then we will be seeking to be faithful to godly, virtuous behaviour and speech — seeking to live our lives in accordance with Yahuwah’s Word.

Our integrity is our honest and trust-worthy conduct and reputation.

A person of integrity desires to maintain truthfulness, honour, and dignity in the midst of all circumstances, whether big or little. And even in the midst of failure, a person of integrity will do the honourable actions of repentance, restitution, and reconciliation.

The Scriptures tell us that:

the integrity of the upright shall guide them” (Prov 11:3a).

If we will try to be faithful in the little things, especially in our obedience to the Word of Yahuwah [even in the ‘small’ matters], then our character and our integrity will be as a governing restraint for us — guiding us and helping us to continue walking in Father’s Way.

Overall, our integrity will be seen in our attention to little things — the things which define our faithfulness. Our faithfulness in little things helps us to keep our conscience clear, tender, and obedient to the nudges of the Holy Spirit.

Little Things and Consequences

Father Himself is faithful and attentive to care for the little things. If Father is faithful to care for something as little and as insignificant as the sparrows (Luke 12:6), then we too ought to have a faithful and attentive eye on what is small and seemingly in-significant. And perhaps, it may be that sparrows are more significant and valuable than our finite brains can comprehend.

Rather than seeing the little things as insignificant, we need to humble ourselves and regard the little things as being valuable, important, and indeed, as being precious!pic

Why is this? Because the consequences of how we handle little things convey a message that is far more important than you or I can realize! What is often thought of as a little, or insignificant thing, can have BIG consequences, and can ultimately prove to be very significant!

The consequences of how we deal with the little things are as ripples on the surface of a pond, when a pebble is thrown into the water. The ripples fan out, and affect the entire pond.

In other words, the way we handle little things affects our entire being, and can enhance or diminish our destination, as well as our beauty!

Yahuwah’s Enabling Grace

May we never forget the great significance of Yahuwah’s Word, and that His Word touches every area of our lives, big and small, and even intimate!

Father’s Living Word [the Spirit of Messiah Himself] is alive and powerful, and is living within us — and He is worthy of our obedience! And because Father’s written Word is in agreement with the Living Word, the written Word it also worthy of our full obedience, even in the small things — the ‘no-one-will-see-me’ matters.

Loving the truth of Yahuwah’s Word, and then relying on Yahuwah for His help in obeying His Word, is the way we gain His grace. Yahuwah’s grace and strength are given to us when we humble ourselves by our obedience, and by our deliberate attention to the seemingly ‘small’ matters — especially the ‘small’ matter of private prayer. Our prayer times are opportunities to admit to Him our need for His help to be faithful in little things.

All of us need His help [His grace], to enable us to be faithful! We must always be ready to acknowledge our great need for His grace, because without His help, we can do nothing! And we especially need His help to be faithful in the little things!

The Beauty of Holiness

Our faithful attention to the little things is part of our honour and worship of Yahuwah in the beauty of holiness (Psalms 96:9). Let us look upon the little things with much more respect and attention!

As we saw in The Key to Gaining Understanding, when we heed the rebuke of our conscience, and we begin to obey that whispered inclination to attend to the little things and do the right thing! — then, our understanding increases, as well as our wisdom!

With Father’s help, we can be faithful and attentive to the little things, being sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading — which will always be in harmony with Yahuwah’s written Word! May each one of us be willing to ask Father for His help regarding the so-called insignificant, ‘little’ things.

Hudson Taylor was a man whom Yahuwah used mightily to accomplish many great things, and to plant the seeds that would eventually result in millions of people receiving the Gospel. Notice what Hudson Taylor said of himself:

“I myself, for instance, am not especially gifted, and am shy by nature, but my gracious and merciful God and Father inclined Himself to me; and when I was weak in faith He strengthened me, while I was still young. He taught me in my helplessness to rest on Him, and to pray, even about little things, in which another might have felt well able to handle himself.” — J. Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor moved mightily in demonstrating Yahuwah’s abundance of grace. And when we, like Hudson Taylor, seek Father’s help to be faithful in the ‘little’ things, then Father is faithful to give us His help, mercy, and grace — the enablement we need to be obedient to Him — and to be faithful, even in the very little things.

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