First the Natural, then the Spiritual

Much of our preparation for spiritual growth and maturity is worked out in the natural realm of everyday life. Many things we do in the natural realm have a profound effect on us spiritually. Hence the Biblical principle: First the natural, then the spiritual.

The importance of this basic, often neglected principle, is a topic worthy of study. As disciples of Yahushua Messiah [Jesus Christ], learning this principle is helpful and encouraging for our maturity.

When we come to Yahushua for forgiveness oxwagon-1aand salvation, we enter into the eternal realm of His Kingdom, and begin a life-long journey with Him. If we truly desire to follow Him, then we must make the choice to surrender to Him as our Master. Choosing Him as Master means we willingly “take His yoke” upon us, entering into partnership with Him, and learning of Him.

This partnership is His desire for us! Yahushua tells His disciples: Come to me. Take my yoke upon you. Learn of me.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

Our walk with Yahushua, as a fellow yoke-mate, is a picture of a most important spiritual principle: FIRST the natural, and then the spiritual!

Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural (is first); and afterward that which is spiritual. (1Corinthians 15:46)

The above Scripture teaches us the principle: the natural realm is first, and has a profound effect in the spiritual realm.

Everything in our natural circumstances, Father uses to shape, refine, and mold our lives so that we can be fruitful within the spiritual realm.

The natural realm of our unique circumstances is a complete environment that we cannot change. We are in situations and relationships that are unchanging, immovable. Unchanging and immovable is also the nature of a yoke. A yoke is a solid and steady boundary. It is something unchanging and immovable. Our natural circumstances are a picture of a yoke; and our natural circumstances have a great deal to do with the spiritual yoke of Yahushua.

When we enter into partnership with Yahushua, we become a yoke-mate with Him. His desire is that we learn of Him. Yahushua’s example of humility, yieldedness, faithfulness, and servanthood are eternal, yoke-mate qualities for us to learn. Our natural circumstances offer us countless opportunities to learn to follow our yoke-mate’s example.

The spiritual, eternal characteristics of the Kingdom of Heaven are built into our lives within our unique, natural realm — the daily circumstances of our natural, earthly life. It is in this natural realm that you and I are placed by our Maker [Yahuwah], where we are to learn the spiritual lessons that make us fit for the work of the Master.

We will look further into these things in Part 2. We will look at the nature of a yoke, and what it means that our natural circumstances are a picture of a yoke, and how this relates to the yoke of Yahushua.

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